How are the signs made?

We design and create our signs from start to finish at our Neon Dream studio.

Firstly, our in-house graphic designer will design the text or imagery of your sign, which will then be sent to our customers for approval.

The next step is running the digitized final design through our CNC machine, which will bring the acrylic backing of your sign to life, by carving out and engraving any necessary shapes, that will allow us to fit the LED and silicone.

Our solder technician will then get creative by installing all LED's within the acrylic incisions, followed by fitting the silicone above, finishing off your custom made Neon Dream sign!


What is your turnaround?

Our current turnaround time is 2 weeks after the final art work has been approved by the customer.


Where in Wales are you based?

We are based in Llansamlet Swansea, which is a short 10 minute drive from Swansea City Centre!


Can you turn my business logo neon?

We most definitely can! You can message us via Instagram, Facebook messenger, or send us an email to hello@neondream.io with your business logo, design idea or any other specifications you may have, and one of our team will get back to you with a quote, and any additional help if needed.


How are the signs powered?

Our signs come with a 12v transformer that runs through a clear cable, making it easy to hide, and neater overall. The transformer is then attached to a UK plug that you connect to your chosen power point.


Do you make RGB signs?

Yes! Just let us know while speaking to one of our team that you'd like your sign to be made in RBG. 

RGB means that the LED's in your sign are colour changing!

Do your signs come with a dimmer remote?

Yes, all of our signs come with a dimmer remote, which means you can turn the sign brightness up or down. They can also be set to flash too, great for parties and events!


How do you install the signs?

Our signs are super simple to install. Within your attachments package, you will receive screws and chrome wall fixings that enable you to install the sign onto your wall. When designing your sign, we will create holes for your fixings where necessary.